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Is Artificial Grass Right for You?


Young Kids


Mr and Mrs Ruck have 2 young children and wanted a garden which they can play on all year round without having to worry about traipsing mud back through the house and also giving them a safe place to play. They found Proud Gardens to be the perfect solution.

Low Maintenance


Mr & Mrs Evans had been cutting their lawn for many years and had got to the age where they were finding it difficult to maintain their lawn, so artificial grass was the perfect solution. Now they can enjoy their lawn without any stress or added strain to themselves.

Sunlight & Tree Problems


Does your grass struggle to grow like Mr Butterworths? His grass kept getting destroyed by an enormous oak tree and lack of sunlight, therefore artificial grass was the perfect solution for all his problems. Here’s why: artificial grass does not need any natural resources like normal grass does to keep its look therefore big trees overlooking your grass wouldn’t be a problem.

Ideal for Pets


John found it difficult to maintain and keep his grass looking good with owning a dog until he discovered artificial grass! People often ask whether artificial grass is suitable for pets and we’re here to tell you it is! Dogs treat artificial grass the same as normal grass, they find it soft and enjoyable to run and play on, the urine drains easily through the turf and faeces can easily be removed. What’s more is that there will be no more muddy paws to clean before the dog is allowed back in the house.