Artificial Grass for commercial use

Proud Gardens supply a comprehensive range of high quality artificial grass products suitable for commercial use.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to commercial applications for artificial grass. Rid your business of unsightly, patchy grass, update your muddy sports pitch, or transform your boring office into an inspiring workspace.

Whether you’re a restaurant in Solihull, a school in Tamworth, or an office in Birmingham, our team of highly trained specialists can help you select the right artificial grass for your budget and requirements.

We are proud to be the official partner of Trulawn, providing high quality artificial turf that looks and feels as great as real grass, but without all that costly maintenance.

Benefits of artificial grass for commercial use

Artificial grass is practical, attractive and cost-effective. Here are a few key advantages of using artificial grass over real grass in a commercial environment.

  1. Hard-wearing – Heavy footfall can really take its toll on real grass, but artificial grass will remain looking thick, green and healthy, no matter how many people have trampled over it today.

  2. Gives a great impression – Real grass can be temperamental at best, with temperature, weather, time of year and footfall all playing havoc on it. Artificial grass gives the appearance of lush, green, well maintained grass all year round, whatever the weather.

  3. Low maintenance – Whilst real grass needs regular mowing, weeding, fertilising, reseeding, etc, artificial grass simply needs debris removing with a brush and the occasional hose down.

  4. Cost-effective – The price of hiring someone to maintain real grass can really add up over time. Artificial grass requires very little maintenance once it has been installed.

  5. Flexible – Artificial grass can be used in pretty much any environment and conditions, including indoor spaces, without the need for any additional care.

Business organisations that use artificial grass

The beauty of artificial turf is that it is very adaptable and can be installed by our team of experts in almost any environment.  A few commercial areas where it is most commonly utilised include:

  1. Pubs and restaurants – Many pubs and restaurants are now replacing grassed areas with artificial turf to keep their lawn looking well maintained, even during the summer months.

  2. Schools, nurseries and playgroups – Kids can be tough on grass. Running up and down, scuffing it and even digging holes in it with their shoes. Artificial grass is very durable, but still gives kids a soft and comfortable surface for playing on. It is also much cleaner, meaning less messy hands and muddy shoes.

  3. Hotels –First impressions count when you’re running a hotel, and artificial grass gives a highly maintained, neat and tidy appearance.

  4. Offices – Whether used outdoors or indoors, artificial turf can be used to create an attractive environment to motivate staff and encourage productivity.

  5. Events – We’ve seen artificial grass used in all kinds of imaginative ways during events, from eye-catching displays to pop-up sports pitches.

  6. Pitches and sports surfaces – Playing sport on artificial grass is just like playing on the real thing, except more consistent and reliable. It is also far easier and more cost-effective to maintain.

Install Commercial Artificial Grass

All our artificial grass lawns come with a 10 year product guarantee for your peace of mind.

Ready to transform your commercial space? Give us a call here at Proud Gardens on 07399 436 894 to discuss your vision in more detail and get advice on the best product for your requirements.