Why Dogs LOVE Artificial Grass

Dogs love running around in the great outdoors, playing on the lawn or rolling in the grass. That’s what dogs do best, and you might be thinking that they wouldn’t have the same experience on artificial grass.

That’s just one big myth about artificial grass though, because the reality is that dogs LOVE artificial grass. It’s soft, it’s spongy and it’s perfect for playing on. And pet owners will love our pet friendly artificial grass even more than their dogs. There’s no mud, it can’t be dug up, and it’s easy to maintain.

In fact, there’s little not to love about it. If you are thinking about making the switch to a synthetic lawn, then here are a few of the great reasons why dogs love artificial grass.

It’s Soft and Spongy

Artificial pet grass is just as soft and just as spongy as the real thing. It’s probably even more comfortable to lie on than actual grass, and dogs will love lounging around on a synthetic lawn.

They can sit back and enjoy the sunshine while enjoying the finest quality lawn imaginable. Artificial turf is specifically designed with dogs in mind, and that means that it’s been designed to be extra comfortable for them.

It’s Great for Playing

The soft and spongy nature of pet friendly artificial grass means that it’s perfect for playing on – and there’s nothing that dogs love more than playing around outside!

People too can enjoy the soft, spongy nature of synthetic grass, and you can play fetch with your dog or let your kids frolic around with them without worrying about anyone – pet or person – getting hurt.

They Won’t Get Dirty

As well as being super safe and comfortable to play on, it’s almost impossible for your dog to get dirty on artificial pet grass. Although some dogs love getting covered in mud and covered in grass, leaves and twigs, most owners aren’t quite so in love on this.

Most owners will prefer that their dog stays clean. With an artificial lawn, you won’t ever need to worry about your pets running all that mud and grime through your house. All year-round, they can enjoy the soft, spongy lawn, and even when it rains heavily you won’t have to wipe all the mud away before letting them back inside.

You Can Keep It Clean and Tidy With Ease

Okay, so your dog won’t be the one worrying about keeping things clean or even keeping themselves clean, but with artificial lawn, you no longer have to worry about keeping a tidy lawn.

Dogs won’t be able to dig up the turf anymore, and it’s easy to clear up after them once they’ve done their business too. There’s no more weeding, no more watering, and no matter the season or weather, artificial grass always looks perfect.

Best of all, you save both time and money, as you no longer have to worry about the upkeep of your lawn.

If you are looking for an artificial turf company to install artificial grass in Birmingham or nearby areas, contact our expert team at Proud Gardens today to learn more about our artificial grass for pets.