How Much Heat Can Artificial Grass Absorb

Artificial grass can be ideal for those wishing to cut down their garden maintenance obligations, but many people have concerns about how hot it can become during the summer months.

Artificial grass is produced with synthetic material so gets hotter than natural lawns, which can be particularly concerning for people with children and/or pets.

Safe to use

Thankfully, the artificial grass that we supply never becomes too hot to use in the UK. We have never received complaints about our synthetic grass burning anyone. The reason that artificial grass can get warmer than natural grass is that it does not have cooling properties.

Nonetheless, your synthetic grass will never become as hot as your paving or decking can in the summer. You should never experience pain when walking on the grass barefoot and touching it with your hands. Though you may experience problems in climates much hotter than the UK’s, this is simply something you don’t need to worry about on these shores.

Avoiding discomfort

If you ever do find the temperature of your fake grass too uncomfortable, you can rinse it or cover it with a gazebo or canopy. You could also wear footwear to avoid discomfort.

Many customers enjoy the warmth provided by their artificial grass during the summer, with many pets also spending hour after hour laying on it.

Key benefits of fake grass

The main advantages of using fake grass include the way it helps you save water, doesn’t need to be mowed and doesn’t require fertilisers.

Pet owners love that solace that artificial grass for pets offers as they don’t need to deal with muddy paws before they let their dogs back inside their homes, with parents using fake grass to give their kids a safe, clean place to play.

Artificial grass is also ideal for people who struggle to achieve growth with natural grass as well as those who want to enjoy their garden without facing the cost and challenge of maintaining it.

Getting in touch

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