Why Artificial Grass Is Beneficial for Pets and Kids!

Having problems with your garden? They’re so hard to keep together. Why wait months for regular grass to grow when you can use artificial grass and make your life easier? It’s so simple. Rather than spending money and using up all your time to create a garden that will have to support, you can switch to kid and pet friendly artificial grass and have maintenance and time taken care of for you and your children.

Why should I switch?

You should switch to artificial grass because it’s beneficial, helpful and safe. If you have kids or pets, you will know the struggle of clearing up the mess they’ve made on the grass. With artificial grass, those worries can disappear. This time dogs can’t dig holes in the garden and children can’t breathe in harmful chemicals such as fertilisers (which are used in normal gardens).

Better Grass Conditions

Having artificial grass stops your children or pets from getting dirty, muddy, or covered in pollutants. Everyone has trouble walking on grass in the rain too. However, that isn’t a problem when it comes to artificial grass. Even if it’s wet, it never gets slippery, preventing accidents from happening and keeping your children and pets safer from harm.

Safer Pets and Children

Ever had a child graze their knees? Our artificial grass is much softer. Having it installed in your garden can do miracles for your child’s ability to play and not be hurt or harmed. Many homeowners look at their garden in shame. It could be wet, mud-covered and not fun to play on at all. If you switch to artificial grass through Proud Gardens, however, your garden will look pristine, even when your children leave the nest. It could stay looking great for years. Call us at 0739 9436 894 today to install soft, low maintenance artificial grass lawn.