Artificial Grass Could Be the Answer as the Winter Weather Kicks In

Do you have issues with your grass during the cold Winter months? Cold weather can be damaging to grass, leaving your garden looking beaten up and lifeless, which is annoying, especially if you’ve slaved away all Summer trying to maintain it. Here at Proud Gardens, we know that Artificial Grass is the best thing to have to keep your garden looking fantastic all year round.

Here’s why it is beneficial to install artificial grass, especially when the winter is around the corner.

It’s Low Maintenance

When the temperature drops, we understand that your desire to go outside and mow your grass will be lacking. With artificial grass, there will be no need to keep on top of your overgrown grass and mow it every so often, which will also save you money by using a lawn mower, along with the fuel required to power it.

It Always Looks Good

Real grass is affected during the cold weather; low temperature stunts growth and reduces its colour making it look dull and lifeless. However, artificial grass withstands the elements. There is no risk of your garden looking unappealing and ruining the appearance of your property. Your garden will look green and fresh all year round and will a great space to spend time on regardless of how the weather has been.


Playtime All Year Round

Artificial grass will never be frozen or muddy, it will always be a safe surface for children to play on even, when the temperature has dropped and there will be no muddy footprints being walked through your home afterwards. It doesn’t get slippery when wet either, so children and pets can still have fun on the artificial lawn during the Winter months. Artificial grass is a worthwhile investment, as you will be saving money that would otherwise have been spent on maintaining it.

Artificial Grass from Proud Gardens

Proud Gardens is the West Midland’s top installer and supplier of high-quality Artificial Grass. We specialise in transforming gardens with the highest quality Artificial Grass that looks and feels as good as real grass.

We supply and install only authentic artificial grass, and our team has been trained to the highest standards by Trulawn, the national artificial grass manufacturer.

Our entire range of artificial grass comes with a 10-year guarantee in the U.K.

Get in touch with us today with any questions you may have about our artificial grass. A member of the Proud Gardens’ team will be on hand to guide you through your enquiry and assist with your future project.