How Artificial Grass Can Boost a Property Value

There are so many benefits to installing artificial grass—it’s more environmentally friendly, reduces garden maintenance costs and always looks great. One perk that’s often overlooked is how artificial grass can boost property values.

In fact, according to a survey of real estate professionals conducted by a leading property company in the UK, artificial grass is included in a list of the top ten things that can be added to a garden to maximise the sale price of a house.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why this is the case.

Curb appeal

Artificial grass can transform a tired looking lawn into a lush and welcoming oasis. When it comes to property values, first impressions count. Artificial grass is aesthetically pleasing all year round.

Low maintenance

Unlike a natural lawn, artificial grass requires very little upkeep. There is no need to worry about pesticides or mowing the lawn to keep it looking great. This is especially appealing to prospective home owners who don’t want the hassle of having to deal with garden maintenance when they move into their new house.

Great for kids and pets

Artificial grass provides a fantastic soft place for children to and pets to run around, it’s easy to clean and eliminates the possibility of muddy paws or little feet trekking mud into the house.

 There is also no need for pesticides or chemicals, so home buyers have one less thing to worry about.

 Artificial Grass won’t fade

 Quality artificial lawns are UV resistant, so when natural lawns become discoloured due to sunlight, this grass will remain beautiful and green.

We at Proud Gardens specialise in transforming gardens with the highest quality Artificial Turf in Birmingham and the West Midlands that looks and feels as good as real grass.

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