How to Revamp your Office with Artificial Grass

There is no shortage of evidence to support the importance of a positive and invigorating work environment—after all, it’s hard to feel inspired in a drab grey cubicle under fluorescent lighting, right?

For this reason, there is an increasing trend amongst employers in the adoption of less traditional, more innovative office spaces. From flexible layouts, and break out spaces, to the incorporation of indoor greenery and intentional colour choices—the sky is the limit.

There are a number of ways to create inspiring and enjoyable spaces for your team to flourish, however, one particularly versatile option is to bring the outside in by incorporating artificial grass into the workplace.

Here is how to use artificial grass to transform your office into an impactful and impressive space—after all, happy employees are productive employees.

Create “Feature” Walls

Install floor to ceiling, wall to wall synthetic grass to give the feeling of indoor living walls.

According to a study by the University of Texas: beige, grey and white offices lead to increased feelings of depression and sadness amongst employees. 

In contrast, low wavelength colours, such as blue and green have been shown to increase calm, improve productivity and boost focus.

Create a Breakout Space

According to another study on employee satisfaction, having space to relax is the key to increased productivity for 1 in 5 employees.

Use artificial turf to create a breakout space or a game room for employees to relax and socialise. Having a place within the office where employees can interact and enjoy themselves has also been linked with increased collaboration and innovation.

 Cultivate an Indoor Garden or Meditation Space

In times of stress and tension, the benefits of green space and meditation are invaluable.

Artificial grass is an affordable way to create the basis for a serene indoor garden where employees can meditate, relax and centre themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed.

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